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The aim of this international conference is to provide opportunities to bring together practitioners and re­searchers in the field of testing communicating systems using the test specification and implementation language TTCN-3 (Testing and Test Control Notation). 

It is the 1st event in a series of TTCN-3 User Conference dealing with practical aspects of TTCN-3.
It is designed as a forum for everybody involved with and/or affected by TTCN-3: testers, architects, designers, developers, managers, students, researchers, and standard makers.

This conference specifically targets the exchange of and discussion about practical results in applying and using TTCN-3 for testing Internet related systems, services and protocols, mobile communication systems, middleware platforms, object- and component-based systems, IT systems, Web services and embedded systems. 
This is a non-exclusive list of possible application areas for TTCN-3.
The conference will consist of educational tracks on the first day, followed by presentations of reviewed and invited papers and demonstrations of tools.