TTCN-3 User Conference 2011 - Final Presentations

Day 2 (June 8th) Session 1: Telecommunication Applications

Name Authors Presentation
Ten Years of TTCN-3 – Past and Future Ostap Monkewich
The Evolution of TTCN-3 as a Language Jens Grabowski, Philip Makedonski and Florian Philipp
Test-controlled Development of Communication Services Ralf Tönjes, Marten Fischer and Patrick Wacht
The employment of TTCN-3 for testing the Application Server in the IMS network Damian Zolich
LTE Conformance Testing - Experiences in a long term project Wolfgang Seka, Hellen Griffiths and Shicheng Huing

Day 2 (June 8th) Session 2: Methodology

Name Authors Presentation
Welcome to the Ericsson journey towards an agile WoW Anette Engbom, Thomas Thunell
TTCN3 as another brick in the wall of test automation Gergely Horvath and Robert Vastag
Combining TTCN-3 and Petri Nets for Validation and Test Andrej Pietschker and Thomas Schnattinger

Day 2 (June 8th) Session 3: TTCN-3 Language Issues

Name Authors Presentation
STF maintenance overview Jens Grabowski, György Rethy, Ina Schieferdecker, Jacob Wieland and Benjamin Zeiss
TTCN-3 and ASN.1 interworking – Analysis of backward compatibility in ASN.1 Géza Horváth

Day 3 (June 9th) - Session 4 : New Application Areas for TTCN-3

Name Authors Presentation
Future Testing Challenges Arun Khannur
A conformance test suite for TTCN-3 tools Andras Kovacs, Bogdan Stanca-Kaposta and Benjamin Zeiss
TTCN-3 in the Internet of Things: Testing in lossy environments Anthony Baire and Cesar Viho
The ETSI TVRA Security Measurement Methodology by Means of TTCN-3 Notation Jan-Bernhard Demeer and Axel Rennoch

Day 3 (June 9th) - Session 5 & 6 : Automotive

Name Authors Presentation
Testing distributed C2X systems with TTCN-3 Juergen Grossmann, Ilja Radusch, Carsten Neumann, Andreas Hinnerichs, Stephan Pietsch and Bogdan Stanca-Kaposta
MiL Testing using TTCN-3: Concepts and Case Study Marcus Mews and Jaroslav Svacina
AUTOSAR conformance tests - feedback on their development and utilization Alain Ribault, Alexandra Faucheux, Mathieu Morvan, Ashish Jadhav, Alain Feudjio-Vouffo and Philippe Robin
An Application of TTCN-3 Embedded in the Automotive Sector Marco Mauel, Hans W. Nissen and Georg Hartung
TTCN-3 embedded: the conceptual extension of TTCN-3 for testing continuous and hybrid systems Juergen Grossmann, Hans-Werner Wiesbrock, Friedrich-Wilhelm Schröer and Jacob Wieland


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