TTCN-3 edition 4.6.1 published

TTCN-3 edition 4.6.1 published

ETSI published the edition 4.6.1 of TTCN-3 core language, TRI and TCI. Please have a look to the updated documents via the download page.

The new edition address several new language constructs, additional examples and corrections. Major changes reflect the following innovations:

  1. variables and templates can be identified with the @lazy modifier to delay their evaluation until they are actually used in an expression;
  2. introduction of @fuzzy variables to support fuzzing methods in security testing;
  3. new modifier @deterministic for "safe" functions /ext. functions that do not allow non-determinism in their behaviour;
  4. templates declarations now are also allowed in component type definitions;
  5. functions/altsteps may declare references to the known component types mtc/system;
  6. new predefined functions: for conversions between universal character/octetstring , the encoding/decoding of universal charstring, and a function to retrieve the hostid;
  7. operations on port and timer arrays allow to use and retrieve index of component arrays, port arrays, timer arrays (new @index modifier).

Differences may be identified using the online BNF diff-function or by QRC text marks.

Tags: TTCN-3 , Standard

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