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New LibSip and LibIms versions Published

A new versions of ETSI SIP Library v.3.0.0 and ETSI IMS Library v3.0.0 were published as a delivery of ETSI STF471. These new versions must be used for all upcoming test specifications using LibSip and LibIms.

New TTCN-3 journal articles

A new STTT journal issue including six TTCN-3 contributions have been published and added to our bibliography. You may also report your publications via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TTCN-3 edition 4.6.1 published

ETSI published the edition 4.6.1 of TTCN-3 core language, TRI and TCI. Please have a look to the updated documents via the download page.

The new edition address several new language constructs, additional examples and corrections. Major changes reflect the following innovations:

  1. variables and templates can be identified with the @lazy modifier to delay their evaluation until they are actually used in an expression;
  2. introduction of @fuzzy variables to support fuzzing methods in security testing;
  3. new modifier @deterministic for "safe" functions /ext. functions that do not allow non-determinism in their behaviour;
  4. templates declarations now are also allowed in component type definitions;
  5. functions/altsteps may declare references to the known component types mtc/system;
  6. new predefined functions: for conversions between universal character/octetstring , the encoding/decoding of universal charstring, and a function to retrieve the hostid;
  7. operations on port and timer arrays allow to use and retrieve index of component arrays, port arrays, timer arrays (new @index modifier).

Differences may be identified using the online BNF diff-function or by QRC text marks.

TTCN-3 evolution 2014

A new ETSI STF on TTCN-3 evolution and maintainance has been created and is ready to receive your proposals via the reporting tool Mantis (please select project TTCN-3 Change Requests).

ETSI WebSVN is online

TTCN-3 users now can access TTCN-3 code of several ETSI specifications and libraries directly from the new WebSVN server.

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