ETSI Common Library

LibCommon v.1.4.0 LibCommon v.1.3.0 Subversion Repository LibSip v1.7.0  Official Delivery

These TTCN-3 modules attempt to collect interface or application independent TTCN-3 definitions, i.e., definitions that could be potentially used by any test suite. This includes frequently needed TTCN-3 user defined type and subtype definitions, a simple but sophisticated test component synchronization mechanism, timing related functions, etc.

All modules have been thoroughly documented using t3doc tags and ETSI commenting guidelines. In addition, the code follows ETSI's naming conventions. This code has been extended and is still used as a basis for development of a number of ETSI TTCN-3 test suites, e.g., IPv6 Core/Mobility/Security, Digital Mobile Radio, HiperMAN/WiMax, 3GPP SIP, etc. More information about the background and integration of these modules into your TTCN-3 test suite can be found here. Sample TTCN-3 code for usage of LibCommon v.1.4.0 is available in the Example section.

Change Requests (CRs) and bugs can be reported via ETSI's Testing - Online Report Tool (t-ort) 'ETSI TTCN-3 Libraries / Common Library' sub-projects.

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