ETSI Diameter Library


LibDiameter is a collection of reusable TTCN-3 definitions including type definitions, templates and functions for sending and receiving DIAMETER requests and answers. The library imports some definitions from ETSI Common Library.

LibDiameter is made up to cover definitions from

IETF RFC3588, RFC 4005, RFC 4006, RFC4740, RFC4590,

3GPP TS 29.329, X.S0057-1,

ETSI TS 129 214, TS 129 212, TS 129 061, TS 129 272, TS 132 299, TS 283 034.


LibDiameter consists of these modules:

  • LibDiameter_TypesAndValues
  • Message, header, structured and simple types as well constants used by LipDiameter constructs
  • LibDiameter_Templates
  • Templates for message, header, and structured types
  • LibDiameter_Interface
  • Definitions and types used by the test components for Diameter tests
  • LibDiameter_Steps
  • Test steps used by the test component Diameter tests
  • LibDiameter_PIXITS
  • Module parameters for Diameter testing

All modules have been thoroughly documented using t3doc tags and ETSI commenting guidelines. In addition, the code follows ETSI's naming conventions

Change Requests (CRs) and bugs can be reported via ETSI's Testing - Online Report Tool (t-ort) 'ETSI TTCN-3 Libraries / LibDiameter Library' sub-projects.




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