IPv6 Test Suites

ETSI TC MTS has been working on a number of conformance test suites for IPv6 testing, i.e., Core, Mobility, Security, and IPv4to6 Transitioning. These standardized IPv6 TTCN-3 test suites have been validated in the ETSI IPv6 testbed against open source IPv6 host and router implementations.

TS 102 351 Methodology and Framework
   IPv6 Core Protocol
  IPv6 Mobility
  IPv6 Security
  IPv6 Transitioning

Note that next to a IPv6 implementation under test other TTCN-3 test system components, i.e., proper TTCN-3 Ipv6 codec, TTCN-3 SUT Adapter and a real time Platform Adapter, are needed in order to execute this test suite.

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