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PragmaDev provides a set of modeling and testing  tools that helps managing complexity inherent to developing state of the art systems. PragmaDev Studio integrates different tools based on international standards, and it is free for small projects. Each tool targets a specific profile: architects/system engineers, developers, and testers.
PragmaDev Tester helps testers to write validation and integration tests with TTCN-3, an abstract dedicated language to automated testing. A substantial number of test cases with this technology are published by international standardization bodies to ensure conformance to their specifications. PragmaDev Tester includes a dedicated TTCN-3 editor, a syntax and semantic checker, a simulator, a code generator, integration with RTOS and debuggers, and graphical execution traces.
Because PragmaDev Studio is also a modeling tool, it offers a unique Model Based Testing (MBT) feature, result of collaborations with the top research labs in France. Test cases can be automatically generated out of a model in order to ensure full structural coverage, to target a transition, or to verify a property.

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