Non-Commercial Tools

T3ToolsBroadbit Test Tool

Broadbit Test Tool is a non-commercial tool, which supports only a core subset of the TTCN-3 syntax. Therefore it is not a full TTCN-3 compiler. However it is an easy tool for the testing of either ASN.1 based or tabular protocols through basic TTCN-3 test control.

ElviorFree online TTCN-3 verification service

Elvior offers free online TTCN-3 verification service -

  • paste your TTCN-3 code and verify its correctness
  • verification is made by TestCast TTCN-3 compiler

T3ToolsT3Tools: T3Q and T3D

T3Tools: The TTCN-3 Guideline Checking and Documentation Generation Tools. A critical issue for ETSI in developing test suites is the readability, consistency, maintainability, and documentation of the TTCN-3 code. Automating the code analysis for these properties increases the level of confidence regarding code quality. It is for this reason that ETSI provided funding for the initial development of the T3Tools, which currently include T3Q and T3D. The T3Tools project builds on the foundations of TRex. - T3Q checks whether agreed upon coding guidelines are met (naming conventions, code structuring, etc.). - T3D is a tool for automatic documentation generation for TTCN-3 test specifications.

T-RexTRex- the TTCN-3 Refactoring and Metrics Tool

The TTCN-3 Refactoring and Metrics ToolTRex:
The maintenance of test suites is a non-trivial task and can often be a burden. The time and effort required for maintenance activities can be reduced with appropriate tool support. To this aim, the TRex tool was developed at the University of Göttingen. It provides IDE functionality for the TTCN-3 core notation and supports the assessment and automatic restructuring of TTCN-3 test suites by providing suitable metrics and refactorings. TRex is published as an open-source Eclipse plugin under the Eclipse Public License.

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