TTCN-3 User Conference 2010 - Final Presentations

Day 1 (June 8th) : Tutorials

Name Authors Presentation
Automated Interoperability Testing Using TTCN-3 Thomas Rings, Stephan Schulz, Luca Serazio
TTCN-3 in end-to-end model based testing explained on a case study Andrus Lehtmets
How to implement TTCN-3 codecs and adapters efficiently Anthony Baire, César Viho
Automated Test Design with TTCN-3 Stephan Schulz, Jani Koivulainen

Day 2 (June 9th) - Session 1 : Conformance and Interoperability Testing

Name Authors Presentation
Keynote : The Future of TTCN-3 in China Liu Chao, Wu Ji
The application of TTCN-3 in M2M Testing Xiaohong Huang, Ruiping Zhu, Weihai Li, Yan Ma
The role of TTCN-3 within the TETRA Certification process Harald Ludwig, Theofanis Vassiliou-Gioles
Model-based TTCN-3 testing of a mobile operator charging subsystem Andres Kull, Kullo Raiend
Using TTCN in IPv6 Ready Interoperability test Liu Ming

Day 2 (June 9th) - Session 2 : Application Practice

Name Authors Presentation
Keynote : Ideal Test Systems & Target Development Test Process Tony Chang
The Application of TTCN-3 in Mobile Data Services Testing Ruiping Zhu
Effective Development and Practice of Automatic Testing based on TTCN3 Wang Shaofeng, Luo Fuliang, Yan Longguo and Zhang Yanwei
Experiences for LTE MME Call processing testing Prashant Ramaswamy, Alwar Ethiraj
MBT : experiences from TTCN-3 point of view György Réthy, Stephan Schulz

Day 3 (June 10th) - Session 3 : Platform Development

Name Authors Presentation
Keynote : TTCN-3@Ericsson Ludmila Ohlsson, Zsolt Szendrei
A Versatile Codec Library for TTCN-3 Tang Yanwu
Java-based test system development with open source components Zhang LinLin
A Proposal for Modifying TCI-CH Interface Min Shan, Xianrong Wang, Xingming Ye, Lili Guo, Lijun Zhao
Common TTCN-3 Codec to Reduce Test Engineering Cost Weihai Li, Xiaohong Huang, Yan Ma
TTCN-3 Language Maintenance and Status Ina Schieferdecker, Benjamin Zeiss, Gyorgy Rethy

Day 3 (June 10th) - Session 3 : Platform Development

Name Authors Presentation
Keynote : Wipro’s TTCN Journey “Telecom to Finance” Vittal Vashist
An open compiler for TTCN-3 picoTTCN-3 Ricardo Rezzano, Ariel Sabiguero, Frank Le Gall, Xiaohong Huang, Nikolay Pakulin, Xianrong Wang, Anthony Baire
Test System Modelling and TTCN-3 Code Generation Xinyi Chen, Kao Bi, Ji Wu
Dependency and Guideline Analysis for TTCN-3 Steffen Herbold, Philip Makedonski, Jens Grabowski, Kathrin Becker, Stefan Kirchner, Benjamin Zeiss
An Approach to Codec Development for Text-based Protocols Nikolay Pakulin, Alex Berge, Anthony Baire, Milan Zoric


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