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TTCN-3 User Conference Asia 2007

29 - 30 October 2007, Beijing, China



The TTCN-3 User Conference (T3UC) Asia is an event which brings together the TTCN-3 community in Asia, to see how the language is used in both industrial and research environments, to hear about future directions, to see the latest tools and to share experiences.

T3UC Asia 2007 is co-organized by Beihang University and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and will feature tutorials and presentations from members of the TTCN-3 user community and other invited speakers.


TTCN-3 is a mature technology whose popularity is increasing rapidly. It is used in both small and large development projects and is seen by many as the key component of efficient and cost effective validation and testing. TTCN-3's use has extended beyond its established application of telecommunications testing into new areas such as embedded system testing and software testing in general.

The aim of this conference is to bring together practitioners, vendors, and researchers in Asia in the field of testing software, communicating systems, embedded systems, etc. T3UC Asia 2007 provides a full picture on TTCN-3: first-hand information on the practical use of the language, experiences, case studies, expectations and directions of future development and its place as the building block of integrated design and testing environments. It also presents the status of standardization, language features and tools availability.

Important Dates

Submission of title, authors and abstract:     16 July 2007
Notification of acceptance:                             01 August 2007
Submission of presentations:                        15 September 2007

Submission Details

Proposals for 20 minutes presentations on the following topics are highly appreciated:

  • practical experience and results of using TTCN-3; achievements and position statements on different application domains such as aerospace, automotive, banking, IP-based systems, medical devices, mobile and broadband telecommunication, railways, space and telematics, telemetry, web services;
  • practical results of integrating TTCN-3 into existing test platforms and test devices; experience reports on the application of TTCN-3 based test solutions and test frameworks;
  • achievements in integrated software design and testing methods (integration with MDA, UML etc.), reports on adoption of or migration to TTCN-3;
  • evaluations of development and testing processes that integrate TTCN-3, also in comparison to other testing technologies;
  • experiences in training and educating TTCN-3
  • the future of TTCN-3; e.g., proposals for language extensions and position statements on the role of TTCN-3 in new trends in testing, new application areas and planned or ongoing research

A proposal for a presentation should not be longer than two A4 pages. It shall include a title, the name of the presenter, a contact address, a summary of the presentation and a statement regarding the intended audience.

Please use this template to submit presentation proposals and submit them to