TTCN-3 edition 2020 published

TTCN-3 edition 2020 published

Final drafts of the TTCN-3 edition 2020 have been approved in April and published in May 2020. You have access and may read the documents via the ETSI Search & Browse webpage and/or the updated TTCN-3 quick reference card. Some of the new improvements are given in the following:

Support for TTCN-3 core language

  • @nodefault alt statements
  • New template-kind-cast operators omit() and present()
  • Formal parameters of type ‘any’ for external functions
    • Type ‘any’ in general for non-standard-conform TTCN-3
  • Map types
  • @abstract templates
  • Improvement for generic external functions (with generic result)

Support for object-oriented package

  • Implicit constructors
  • Mixed classes
  • Nested classes
  • Generic classes

Support for advanced parameterization

  • Nested type expressions as generic actual parameters

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