TTCN3 Professionals Group

Open LinkedIn group of TTCN-3 professionals interested in networking, exchanging ideas and job opportunities. Please notice that this group in not owned or managed by ETSI.


Open IP Testing Library

The Open IP Testing Library website provides free access to standardized test specifications for a number of Internet Protocols. These include IPv6, SIP, H.323 Series, H.248, IETF SIGTRAN.

Documented Test Purposes are available for each protocol and these can be viewed within the browser or downloaded for viewing offline. In addition, complete Abstract Test Suites written in TTCN-3 can be downloaded for SIP, H.323, and H.248.

The test specification for IPv6 is available as a number of downloadable TTCN-3 modules which can be used as the building blocks for specific test suites.

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