Conformiq - Automated Test Design

Conformiq Automated Test Design™ tools automate the design of functional black-box tests for software and systems, adding thoroughness to testing procedures, identifying more defects, finding them sooner, and shortening test design time.

Conformiq users model the expected behavior of the real system and let Conformiq tools automatically generate executable TTCN-3 scripts plus expected SUT test results for independent automated execution in the user’s test harness. The software also generates test traceability, test case descriptions and test step reports, and graphic test coverage, plus message sequence diagrams.

DEVOTEAM GmbH - TTCN-3 Toolbox

Devoteam's TTCN-3 Toolbox meets current LTE/5G requirements and is ready for the upcoming 6G testing challenges just as for IoT and OneM2M requirements.

The TTCN-3 Toolbox provides an open, flexible and extensible architecture established upon our long term experience in supplying such solutions over more than two decades of TTCN tool development. It's the TTCN-3 power engine in world's leading Mobile Radio Conformance Test Systems, supports ASN.1, XSD and generates highly efficient C++ code (for VC++ or gcc) with links to TTCN-3 source statements for simplified debugging. In addition to providing a fully customized development solution, we provide comprehensive expert training to help you getting started quickly with TTCN-based testing.

ElviorElvior - TestCast

Elvior is focused on software test automation by providing software testing services and tools.
Elvior TestCast is a full-scale TTCN-3 test development tool with TTCN-3 editor, compiler and executable.
This tool includes a TTCN-3 debugger, built in codecs, system adapters and much more.
TestCast supports TRI and TCI interfaces mapping for C, C++, C# and Java; runs on Windows and Linux operating systems.

Pragmadev logoPragmaDev Studio

PragmaDev provides a set of modeling and testing  tools that helps managing complexity inherent to developing state of the art systems. PragmaDev Studio integrates different tools based on international standards, and it is free for small projects. Each tool targets a specific profile: architects/system engineers, developers, and testers.
PragmaDev Tester helps testers to write validation and integration tests with TTCN-3, an abstract dedicated language to automated testing. A substantial number of test cases with this technology are published by international standardization bodies to ensure conformance to their specifications. PragmaDev Tester includes a dedicated TTCN-3 editor, a syntax and semantic checker, a simulator, a code generator, integration with RTOS and debuggers, and graphical execution traces.
Because PragmaDev Studio is also a modeling tool, it offers a unique Model Based Testing (MBT) feature, result of collaborations with the top research labs in France. Test cases can be automatically generated out of a model in order to ensure full structural coverage, to target a transition, or to verify a property.

TTworkbenchSpirent Communications - TTworkbench

TTworkbench is the full-featured integrated test development and execution environment perfectly suited for any kind of test automation project. This technology-independent tool helps ensuring the interoperability of products and services in a wide range of different industry sectors.

TTworkbench includes the full range of features needed for TTCN-3 test specification in textual and graphical format, execution and analysis. There are a variety of existing plugins and complete test suites available.

The extension capabilities of TTworkbench via open and standardized APIs enable the implementation of additional functionalities according to users’ requirements.

T3ToolsBroadbit Test Tool

Broadbit Test Tool is a non-commercial tool, which supports only a core subset of the TTCN-3 syntax. Therefore it is not a full TTCN-3 compiler. However it is an easy tool for the testing of either ASN.1 based or tabular protocols through basic TTCN-3 test control.

ElviorELVIOR - Free online TTCN-3 verification service

Elvior offers free online TTCN-3 verification service -

  • paste your TTCN-3 code and verify its correctness
  • verification is made by TestCast TTCN-3 compiler

T-Rexntt - modern tools for TTCN-3

ntt is a free and open application stack for testing with TTCN-3. It builds upon 15 years of experience of running production workloads at Nokia. ntt is designed with low latency and high fidelity appliances in mind. Current releases include:

  • a TTCN-3 language server for a better IDE experience.
  • comfortable tools supporting Nokia best practices for test suite configuration and analysis.
  • a CMake module for easier build system integration.
  • and more to come…

This young project is still in beta and it does not provide a TTCN-3 compiler, runtime or any open ASN.1 tools, yet. Current development focuses on the TTCN-3 language server

T3ToolsT3Tools: T3Q and T3D

T3Tools: The TTCN-3 Guideline Checking and Documentation Generation Tools. A critical issue for ETSI in developing test suites is the readability, consistency, maintainability, and documentation of the TTCN-3 code. Automating the code analysis for these properties increases the level of confidence regarding code quality. It is for this reason that ETSI provided funding for the initial development of the T3Tools, which currently include T3Q and T3D. The T3Tools project builds on the foundations of TRex. - T3Q checks whether agreed upon coding guidelines are met (naming conventions, code structuring, etc.). - T3D is a tool for automatic documentation generation for TTCN-3 test specifications.

      Titan TTCN-3 Toolset

Titan is a complete, full-featured TTCN-3 toolset developed by and widely used within Ericsson. In 2014, to support the TTCN-3 language and the community, Ericsson has submitted the toolset to open source via Eclipse Foundation. Titan is now available publically under EPL 1.0 licensing.
The Eclipse Titan toolset consists of command line components for compilation and execution of functional and performance tests, including built-in codec generators for ASN.1 BER, XML, JSON, generic binary and generic textual encodings, an XSD to TTCN-3 converter, TTCN-3 code coverage, profiling and runtime debugging, and log post-processing utilities. The Titan GUI provides the Eclipse plugins
- Designer: IDE to develop TTCN-3/ASN.1 code and to build executable test suites;
- Executor to control test execution from Eclipse;
- LogViewer to represent logs in a tabular/textual and graphical formats, navigation to the source code from logs;
- Titanium for code quality assurance, like code smell detection, module import structure visualisation, refactoring and so on.
Together with Titan, also a tool-box containing support for numerous protocols and several adapters (called test ports) has been released to open source.
See more information at the Eclipse Titan project page.
Source codes are available from GitHub, you can find the links here.
The tool can be downloaded for a few pre-selected platforms from the Titan projects's download page.

T-RexTRex- the TTCN-3 Refactoring and Metrics Tool

The TTCN-3 Refactoring and Metrics ToolTRex:
The maintenance of test suites is a non-trivial task and can often be a burden. The time and effort required for maintenance activities can be reduced with appropriate tool support. To this aim, the TRex tool was developed at the University of Göttingen. It provides IDE functionality for the TTCN-3 core notation and supports the assessment and automatic restructuring of TTCN-3 test suites by providing suitable metrics and refactorings. TRex is published as an open-source Eclipse plugin under the Eclipse Public License.

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