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11th UCAAT - Call for Presentations

The Call for UCAAT 2025 is open. You may find the details via

ETSI Call For Expertise 2024

ETSI published a new call for TTCN-3 experts regarding the development of a new major revision of the TTCN-3 language and TTCN-3 tool conformance tests. Interested experts may have a look to the application details.

Open TTCN-3 workshop

Invitation to an open TTCN-3 workshop

When: 23 January 2024, 1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Where: Fraunhofer FOKUS, Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31, 10589 Berlin, Germany

The TTCN-3 testing language has intensively been developed by ETSI during the last 20 years. By today, TTCN-3 has become a significantly important testing technology in different domains. The last major release of the TTCN-3 standards was published in 2009 with version 4.1.1. Since then TTCN-3 was constantly maintained and further developed.

The TTCN-3 language specification has reached the state where modernization and refactoring are required. Currently, language maintenance has become complex, since even small corrections and extensions require changes in many different places in the TTCN-3 language specification and extension packages. Also, TTCN-3 users suffer from this kind of complexity, because specific aspects of a language feature may be spread across different sections and documents. This decrease learning, understanding and, finally, acceptance of TTCN-3.

The goal of this workshop is to have an open discussion with TTCN-3 users, tool provider and standardization experts to discuss requirements and ideas towards a new major release of the TTCN-3 standards. In 2023 the members of the ETSI TTFs for TTCN-3 maintenance have already started the analysis and collection of technical issues for this new major release. Initial results can be found via ETSI’s Bug Tracker, e.g. in attached files at The ETSI TTF T032 ( currently is collecting further proposals regarding a modernization and innovations of TTCN-3.

This workshop is open for ETSI members and non-ETSI members. It is also planned to provide the possibility of remote participation. Interested persons are asked to register on the ETSI portal at If you have any problems or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the TTF T032 project manager Jens Grabowski (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and/or Axel Rennoch (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

- Introduction to the status and maintenance of the current TTCN-3 standards.
- Proposals from the workshop participants
- Discussion of technical proposals and initial prioritization
- Summary and planning of next steps

Practical Information:
You may find further information about the location and hotels at

TTCN-3 conformance tests 2023

ETSI just published the latest TTCN-3 conformance test suite, i.e. technical specifications including TTCN-3 code, for the assessment of TTCN-3 compiler conformance to the TTCN-3 language standards (edition 2023). You may access the latest documents here. The work has been performed by the ETSI Testing Task Force (TTF) T023 team

TTCN-3 core specification 2023

ETSI had published the TTCN-3 part 1 (core specification) edition 2023. You may find the document via the download webside of TTCN-3 standards or the project program.

In case you see any issues or wish to comment the documents please use the mantis tool following the instructions by ETSI.

The TTCN-3 Quick Reference Card (QRC) also has been updated and you have access to the updated documents using The QRC includes lables to identify NEW language elements!


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