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TTCN-3 edition 2022 online

ETSI had published the TTCN-3 edition 2022 standards and extensions. You may find all updated documents via the download webside of TTCN-3 standards or the updated TTCN-3 Quick Reference Card.

In case your see any issues or wish to comment the documents please use the mantis tool following the instructions by ETSI.

UCAAT 2022 in Munich

9th UCAAT - User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing is back in September 2022 in Munich, an excellent reference for TTCN-3 users and researchers! Please find the Call for presentations at

TTCN-3 CR information

Due to a mistake during the CR resolution in the last TTCN-3 maintenance TTF, CR 7910 has been implemented incorrectly in Part 1 of the TTCN-3 standard i.e., ES 201 873-1 V4.13.1 (2021-08).

CR 7910 extends TTCN-3 with the possibility to specify parallel control parts/components. The CR has also been implemented as CR 7978 in "ES 202 781 TTCN-3: Extensions: Configuration and Deployment Support".

Following a decision in ETSI TC MTS the mistake will be corrected in the next upcoming edition of the TTCN-3 standards to be published in 2022.

3GPP article on device compliance

3GPP published an article about device certification and the activities of TF160 using TTCN-3: Ensuring device compliance to standards. The complete 3GPP Highlight newsletter is also available as PDF.

TTCN-3 Edition 2021 publication completed

Finally all parts of the TTCN-3 edition 2021 (core language V4.13.1 with related parts and extensions) have been approved and published. You have access and may read the documents via TTCN-3 Standards, the ETSI Search & Browse webpage and/or the updated TTCN-3 quick reference card.

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