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Conformance Test Suites

ETSI just published the latest TTCN-3 conformance test suite, i.e. technical specifications including TTCN-3 code, for the assessment of TTCN-3 compiler conformance to the TTCN-3 language standards (edition 2020). You may access the latest documents here. The work has been performed by the ETSI Testing Task Force (TTF) T003 evolution team.

UCAAT 2021 call for presentations

ETSI's next user conference on Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT 2021) will be hosted in Munich in October 2021. This conference is the perfect location to discuss the future evolution of TTCN-3. You may submit your recent experiences and work around TTCN-3 for presentation. Please follow UCAAT 2021.

MQTT testing support by ETSI TC MTS

ETSI TC MTS started publication of MQTT test purposes: ETSI TS 103 597-1 address conformance test purposes for the "MQ Telemetry Transport" protocol specified in OASIS Standard "MQTT Version 3.1.1". Test purposes have been defined using TDL-TO. Corresponding TTCN-3 test cases are available from the Eclipse project iottestware.

MCPTT Conformance Testing

Mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) conformance testing using TTCN-3 have been successfully applied. Further details have been published here.

TTCN-3 webinars

Please consider to attend the two upcoming TTCN-3 webinars, October 6th and 9th, presented by members of the ETSI Testing Task Force T003. Details and registration are available here.

After the webinars the presentations will also be available here.

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