3GPP Specific Naming Conventions

Language element Naming convention Prefix Example identifier Notes
Module upper-case initial letter none EUTRA_ASP_TypeDefs  
Group within a module upper-case initial letter none LocalFunctions  
Data type * upper-case initial letter; _Type postfix none SystemConfirmation_Type  
Message template for sending upper-case initial letter cas_ cas_SRB_RrcPdu_REQ ASP
cms_   Coordination message
cs_   PDU or any other template
cds_   Modified template
crs_   Exception for template used for sending and receiving
Message template for receiving upper-case initial letter car_ car_SRB_RrcPdu_IND ASP
cmr_   Coordination message
cr_   PDU or any other template
cdr_   Modified template
Signature template Not used
Port instance All upper-case letters none SYS  
Test component instance All upper-case letters;
none EUTRA_PTC No postfix for MTC and SYSTEM components
Constant none tsc_ tsc_RRC_TI_Def  
Local constant upper-case initial letter const_ const_S1A_FC **  
External constant Not used
Function upper-case initial letter f_ f_PublicFunction  
fl_ fl_LocalFunction ***  
External function upper-case initial letter fx_ fx_ExternalFunction  
(incl. Default)
upper-case initial letter a_ a_DefaultBehaviour  
Test case (see Notes) TC_ TC_8_1_1 Identifier reflects clause in 36.523-1
Variable (local) upper-case initial letter v_ v_MyVariable ****  
Variable(defined within a component type) upper-case initial letter vc_ vc_EUTRA_Global *****  
Timer (local) upper-case initial letter t_ t_Wait  
(defined within a component type)
Not used
Module parameters (see Notes) pc_ pc_1xRTT PICS parameter as defined in 36.523-2 and 34.123-2
px_ px_eAuthRAND PIXIT parameter as defined in 36.523-3 and 34.123-3
Formal parameters upper-case initial letter p_ p_MyParameter  
Enumerated values none none ps, cs, FDD, TDD  

*: ASP types use all upper-case letters and typically have postfix _REQ, _CNF or _IND; RRC and NAS protocol types are extracted from standards and therefore do not have a _Type postfix

**: Constant defined in a function

***: Local functions shall not to be used by other modules

****: Counter variables do not need to have a prefix but may single characters like I, K, L, M, N

*****: All component variables are gathered in one record


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