Change Requests

Change Requests (CRs) for any part of the TTCN-3 Standards are managed by a TTCN-3 maintenance/evolution group which is part of ETSI's MTS technical committee (TC-MTS).


  • TTCN-3 CRs shall only be reported via ETSI's Testing - Online Report Tool (t-ort) 'TTCN-3 Change Requests' sub-projects.
  • Any CR shall include a FULL solution (example: original text + revision marks) in the attachment.
    If the solution is inadequate the reporter will be requested to provide one.
    If no solution is forthcoming the CR may be rejected.
  • The maintenance group may propose alternative solutions.
    These will be discussed publicly via t-ort with the reporter.
  • Any TTCN-3 comunity forum may be used for discussion of CRs and other technical comments but final resolution of all CRs will be the combined responsibility of maintenance group and TC-MTS.
  • Wherever possible CRs will be resolved by maintenance group, with the agreement of the reporter.
    Final arbitration rests with TC-MTS.


Please make sure to select the relevant t-ort sub-project first before reporting issues!
Example: Report issues found in the Core language select first the subproject 'Part 1: TTCN-3 Core Language'.

Anyone can track the status of any CR on any part of the standard with the t-ort 'TTCN-3 Change Requests' project! Only thing required is to sign up to get an t-ort account.

Please note that standard maintenance work is not a full-time activity.
You will receive responses within a reasonable time-frame, but probably not immediately.

TTCN-3.ORG site change requests

Change Requests (CRs) for the web site itself are managed by the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. These CRs can be reported via ETSI's Testing - Online Report Tool (t-ort) 'TTCN-3.ORG WEB' sub-projects.


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