Titan toolset

      Titan TTCN-3 Toolset

Titan is a complete, full-featured TTCN-3 toolset developed by and widely used within Ericsson. In 2014, to support the TTCN-3 language and the community, Ericsson has submitted the toolset to open source via Eclipse Foundation. Titan is now available publically under EPL 1.0 licensing.
The Eclipse Titan toolset consists of command line components for compilation and execution of functional and performance tests, including built-in codec generators for ASN.1 BER, XML, JSON, generic binary and generic textual encodings, an XSD to TTCN-3 converter, TTCN-3 code coverage, profiling and runtime debugging, and log post-processing utilities. The Titan GUI provides the Eclipse plugins
- Designer: IDE to develop TTCN-3/ASN.1 code and to build executable test suites;
- Executor to control test execution from Eclipse;
- LogViewer to represent logs in a tabular/textual and graphical formats, navigation to the source code from logs;
- Titanium for code quality assurance, like code smell detection, module import structure visualisation, refactoring and so on.
Together with Titan, also a tool-box containing support for numerous protocols and several adapters (called test ports) has been released to open source.
See more information at the Eclipse Titan project page.
Source codes are available from GitHub, you can find the links here.
The tool can be downloaded for a few pre-selected platforms from the Titan projects's download page.

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