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New version of Diameter Test Suites published

TC INT has just completed the validation of Diameter ATS for Rx and Gx, and is happy to announce that the new version of the specifications is now available at:

TS 101 580 Diameter on the Rx interface, and TS 101 606 Diameter on the Gx interface


ETSI Showcases Benefits of Test Automation for Industry Productivity

Dedicated to advanced test automation, the conference focused on integrating model-based testing into the testing ecosystem. The event brought together companies and research bodies from industries as diverse as telecommunications, IT (including banking, pharmaceutical, and entertainment sectors), automotive, railway, defence, industrial automation, energy, software and gaming, and coming from the US, South America, Europe and India. The IT sector showed the largest growth of interest in the event in terms of presentation and participation. Learn more...

NTAF is considering TTCN-3

The Network Test Automation Forum (NTAF), founded in 2010, is a nonprofit international industry alliance, with the objective to promote interoperability of commercial network testing tools and testing infrastructure, by defining and facilitating adoption of technical specifications. On the annual face-to-face meeting held in September, 2013 in Westford, MA, Ericsson presented a solution for conformance test of NTAF standards using the TTCN-3 language. The proposal and demonstration was very favorably received. Todd Law, NTAF vice president, Spirent Technologies, summarizes in his blog the annual face-to-face meeting.


New project reference: eNterop

eNterop, a TTCN-3 test system for charging of electrical vehicles has just been added to our Projects page. Read more Forum is online

The Editorial Team is happy to announce that the Forum is now online!

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