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Diameter CxDx test suite published

ETSI has published a new TTCN-3 Test Suite for Diameter Cx and Dx interfaces: TS 103 289-3 v1.1.1. TS 103 289 is divided in three parts providing the Conformance Test Specification for TS 129 228 and TS 129 229. Learn more ...

TTCN-3 edition v4.7.1 online

ETSI published the TTCN-3 standards releated to core language edition 4.7.1. Please download the documents via our downloads page or access the sections using the updated TTCN-3 QRC.

You may be interested using e.g. the new symbol 'decmatch', modifiers 'decoded' and 'nocase', improved 'select union' statement, verdict retrieve from finished test components, new functions 'any2unistr', 'get_stringencoding', 'remove_bom', 'istemplatekind' and "UCS sequence identifier"-like syntaxes for string pattern.

Applus+IDIADA adopts TTCN-3

Applus+IDIADA (, a leading company specializing in providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services to the automotive industry worldwide has decided to adopt TTCN-3 for conformance and interoperability testing of ITS (Intelligent transport systems).

TTCN-3 in CodeMirror

CodeMirror is a Javascript text editor component used by Gerrit (although it also can be used independently) for code review. Support for TTCN-3, ASN.1 and Titan runtime configuration format have been added to Code Mirror by Ericsson contributors. These modes will be available from the upcoming revision 5.3.0.

For details see and

Titan is open source now

Ericsson's TTCN-3 toolset called Titan has become open source. The toolset is being developed for 15 years and it is intensively used today both for functional and for load/performance types of testing. It has a stable 4,7 k users within Ericsson. Ericsson will continue its development and welcomes contributions from the community. See more in the Non-Commercial Tools section.

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